Five tips to be consistent in anything

Shortcuts and hacks will only take you so far

Anum Hashim


There are no shortcuts or hacks to consistency.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build an audience or make more money. One of the most underrated ways to achieve your goals is to stay consistent.

I struggled with consistency for a long time. Over time, I realized my focus was dwindling, and I had started to expect instant gratification.

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I’m damn sure it was a direct result of the number of hours I spend on my phone and social media.

I expected things to fall into place when I started doing them once. But as a productivity junkie, I now relish the process. The idea of trying something once, then tweaking it the next time to make it work better for me.

Five tips to stay consistent in anything

Remove the Friction

When we start something new, one of the most significant barriers is the time or energy required to do something.

We often think about the thing for longer than it takes to do. I am guilty of over-complicating the simplest of things.

I thought I hated working out. But over time, I’ve realized I despise the gym. The idea of getting ready to go to the gym at the right time when there were fewer people was exhausting.

Instead, I started to prioritize movement. Now, I focus on walking outside and doing yoga and pilates — often in the comfort of my own home. Removing that step to get ready and go to the gym physically has allowed me to move more. I have been more active than I ever was with a gym membership.

Focusing on removing the barriers or the number of steps required to get to your destination can be the push you need to stay consistent. If you want to make journaling a habit, leave your notebook on your bedside table. If you’re going to write every day, schedule it in your calendar. These little tweaks can make it easier to stay consistent.

Motivation is your frenemy.

I hate when people say you need to change your mindset or that motivation is all you need. It’s so easy to say that…



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