Why corporations cannot solve all our problems

Corporations have found success in capitalism. We have just realized, that’s not what we wanted.

Money as the metric for success

As a society, at some point, we agreed that the metric to define success for a participant in the system of capitalism would be money.

Capitalism is not broken. But it needs to be rewired.

Corporations are trying to maximize profit from the inputs of labor and commodities. This means that we either did not build the system we thought we wanted or that we need to tweak the system to fit our new needs. We didn’t necessarily build a bad system. We may have just built the wrong system or an incomplete system.

We didn’t define the right metrics of success

For years, we’ve defined society to be measured by one metric of success: MONEY.

We didn’t define the boundaries of success

A good system is designed to maximize output. If capitalism is generating more money, then by definition it has been successful.

We haven’t told the system our new expectations

Somewhere along the lines, the idea of the American Dream didn’t hold up. The richer kept getting richer, and the poorer are worse off today in many ways.

We hold those who do some good, to an unreasonable standard

Corporations are set up in business and legal terms to reduce liability. They shelter and create distance between the owners and the entity.

So what can we do?

Well, for starters, we need to admit, that the system is not broken. But we do need to agree on how we expect this new or improved system to perform.

Finance professional / CPA on a break from corporate life. I write about wealth, well-being & blogging. A weekly-ish newsletter https://bit.ly/3oake9U

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