Struggling to get started as a Content Creator? Read this!

10 Tips for the aspiring Content Creator

Anum Hashim


Whether I call myself this or not, I am a content creator.

I write, take photos, sometimes record videos, tell stories, and then post them on the internet — letting the masses judge my work.

Sometimes there's positive feedback, and most times, a lot of crickets.

But now and then, my words, photos or videos resonate with people.

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I tried to escape this label in myself for a while. There were many reasons — I wasn't creative enough, intelligent enough to do this, or the classic — it's just a hobby. But all of these "excuses" were playing on my fear of getting started.

Many of us go through a season of decision paralysis before we get started. But if the seed of an idea has settled your brain, you must make it happen.

10 Tips for the aspiring Content Creator

You don't need permission to start.

The great thing about creating content is that it is relatively cheap in terms of money to do so. Anyone who has a phone or a laptop with internet access can do it.

The accessibility means that, unlike traditional businesses, you don't need much to start. You don't need to devise a business plan, borrow money from a bank, or stake your retirement income to create income.

Hosting can be as cheap as $10 a month if you want a blog. Starting writing on Medium is free, and posting videos on YouTube or TikTok is free.

No one will tell you that you are ready. You have to go out and do it.

You don't need to be an expert.

The topic that I find the hardest to talk about on my platforms is finance. Oddly, it's the topic I know about the most. I have a degree in it, advanced certifications, and arguably expert-level knowledge.

Yet, I can't seem to talk about it online. When I sit down to write or create videos around it, I am overwhelmed with my knowledge. I have no idea where to start. I feel lost about where to meet my…



Anum Hashim

Finance professional / CPA on a break from corporate life. I write about money, productivity and life as a content creator.