Millennials: We’re the burnout generation; you should have seen it coming!

Anum Hashim
8 min readFeb 6, 2019

A little while ago, Buzzfeed News had an in-depth piece called How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation. Of course, there was quite a buzz about it, and there was even a quiz that helped you judge how burned out you are! The gist of the article was that Millennials are unable to “adult” and the reason for it is because we’re burned out!

But the idea of millennial burnout is not new. Before this article, in mid- 2018, Gallup even released a study which highlighted that Millennials Are Burning Out faster than other generations, despite being younger. It gave organizations some tips to keep their millennial talent.

Who do we think we are?

Over the course of the month, MANY other generations have opined on this topic. These range from Millennials just don’t want to grow up, to previous generations speaking out about how they are stuck in the middle caring for their Boomer parents, and their Millennial children.

Of course, these opinions are not new, I’ve heard them a lot. We are the generation who’ve traded houses for avocado toasts, and think we’re too good for many things, like canned tuna, diamonds, napkins, and golf! We are the lazy generation, the entitled generation, the generation who throws down bureaucracy.

While all this focus has been on the industries we’re killing, no one asked the question of why? We’ve grown up with changes in technology, and a focus on education like never before. More millennials attended college than previous generations but Millennials also exited colleges with higher debt levels than previous generations. We have greater access to flexible work hours. But we’re always at work!

The Grown-Up Millennial

Being a millennial I feel extremely passionate and defensive about my generation. I’ve had enough conversations about “millennials” to be completely confused about what we are and what we aren’t. But the bottom line was always that we millennials, are in a phase, this too shall pass. We’ll grow up. We’ll start “adulting”. And one day, we will not be overwhelmed by it!

One of these days, we may even pick up the phone and make a call, rather than text.

This has yet to happen, despite the fact that the oldest millennials are 37 and the youngest are 22. Neither end of the spectrum apparently has fully…



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