Learning new creative skills

I used to think I had no creative bone in my body. Despite being a mostly straight-A student in grade school, I had to go to remedial art class in grade 3, because I was failing art class.

9 Tips to Learn New Creative Skills

Whether you’re learning these skills as a hobby, or you hope to monetize them one day, these tips will help you learn new creative

Practice makes perfect

This had to be my number 1 lesson. It’s easy to get caught up in this loop of instant gratification and expect ourselves to be good at something the first time we try it. Everyone has their own set of talents — things they are better naturally better at. Those skills might help you do better at certain activities vs. others. But at the end of the day practice does make perfect. Now I try to go in with the mindset that I’m not going to be good at a new skill. But that means that it can only get better from here.

Quit the comparison game

There’s a theory (that has since been debunked) that you have to work for 10,000 hours to master something. Every time I spend time on social media, I am in awe of all the creative people that are out there! Whether they’re artists, photographers, writers, home decor experts, cookie decorators, event planners, you name it! It’s great exposure to find inspiration, but it makes it easy to compare your first day to their 10th year. Remember, you are trying a new skill to learn something new, and be more creative — it’s your hobby.

Get some help

Of course, because of how much time we spend online these days, it is also easy to get help! Whether you use free resources like Google or Youtube or learn from experts online, or in your local communities, or through platforms like Skillshare or Bluprint or Masterclass. There is a way to learn every skill for whatever your budget is!

Learn the basics, then add your creative flair

No matter the skill you’re trying to learn, there will be some basic technical skills you’ll have to learn. If you really want to get good at the new skill, you will have to skill to the basics first, before adding your own creative flair. Be patient, and learn the basics. Soon enough, you’ll be an expert and be able to add your own flair at whatever skill you picked!

Try different activities

If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. Of course, if you are not enjoying the skill you picked — pick a different one! There are countless new activities to try. I especially used to want to learn new skills when my day job was more analytical and technical so that I could use a different part of my brain. It gave me life to try and create something new. I enjoyed baking and cake decorating way more than I enjoyed lettering, or playing the guitar.

Keep track of your progress

Your first draft is always a great memory to keep. It’ll help you keep going when you feel like there is no progress, and it is inspiring to see how far you have come. It also makes for great content to show off your before and afters to your friends!

Schedule it

It’s easy for life and Netflix to get in the way. It helps to be intentional when trying to learn new skills. I like to use my bullet journal to keep track of how many days I practiced said new skill. You could also schedule it in your calendar or set reminders on your phone, like every Wednesday night after work could be dedicated to practicing this new skill.

Stay consistent

However often you choose to indulge in this new activity, it is best to stay consistent. It’s easy to lose track of time, or not realize how quickly days and weeks can go by before you touch that new guitar again.

Invest a little

Spend a little money on supplies, or a new notebook, or some tools. Of course, you don’t need to spring for the top of line items, but it does help invest just a little to keep you accountable, and motivated when you have the right tools to succeed!

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