Do multi-passionates ever win?

Maybe we belong on the scenic route

Anum Hashim


For a while now, as a creator, I’ve been trying to “define my niche” or “find my zone of genius.”

Throughout my life, I’ve been told I’m indecisive. I used to think that was because I was afraid of missing opportunities, fearful of commitment, or simply scared of picking the wrong path.

Photo by Ashley Knedler on Unsplash

Indecisive or Multi-passionate?

After reflecting and working on various ideas, I’ve realized it is not indecision. There is a word that helps define my interest in many things.

I’m multi-passionate.

Numerous times in my life, I’ve convinced myself that I need to go down a particular path.

That path is THE path.

I chug along for a while. I am going all in with a sense of focus and obsession. I get into a state of flow.

But then, inevitably, I get bored, less committed to it every day. I started to miss the things I said no to in the past.

Slowly, my passion fades, and I wonder how I can regain that magic.

The thing no one tells you about being a multi-passionate creator is that, even if you are focused, you feel like you’re missing a part of yourself.

It’s okay to want to explore everything (even if it’s not all at once).

Finding Focus

As a multi-passionate creator, I often myself hobbling. Some days I have too many ideas that pull me in different directions.

I might choose to suppress them — writing them down and then forgetting about them or coming back to them another day.

Other days, those ideas gnaw at me, like that song you can’t get out of your head.

Many times, I find myself wishing I was just not interested in so many things that I had a way to tunnel vision myself into *the right path*.

Those who can follow the path without making stops along the way get there faster.

Maybe we belong on the scenic route.



Anum Hashim

Finance professional / CPA on a break from corporate life. I write about money, productivity and life as a content creator.