Admit it; the office sucks!

Anum Hashim
4 min readMar 14, 2023

I resisted writing this for so long.

Mostly out of fear.

Once the words were out there in the world, I might never be able to return to the corporate world, a typical desk job.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

I recently took on a contract where I went back to working a corporate job.

And it was honestly just okay.

It was a fine enough experience. Nothing traumatic happened

But it did solidify that there is a better way to work for me.

I did the necessary work, finished the assigned project and said ciao.

But it was an experience that sucked my energy.

I was working remotely, but it made me realize how much I despised office life — remote and in-person.

The thought of sitting at a desk, working on a spreadsheet, is not for me.

Five things that suck about office life

The small talk

As an introvert, I don't connect with small talks, like the weather, my commute, or what you did last weekend.

I'd instead feel a deeper connection to people than at the surface level.

People show only a particular part of themselves at work, which is often not…



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