Admit it; the office sucks!

Anum Hashim
4 min readMar 14, 2023

I resisted writing this for so long.

Mostly out of fear.

Once the words were out there in the world, I might never be able to return to the corporate world, a typical desk job.

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I recently took on a contract where I went back to working a corporate job.

And it was honestly just okay.

It was a fine enough experience. Nothing traumatic happened

But it did solidify that there is a better way to work for me.

I did the necessary work, finished the assigned project and said ciao.

But it was an experience that sucked my energy.

I was working remotely, but it made me realize how much I despised office life — remote and in-person.

The thought of sitting at a desk, working on a spreadsheet, is not for me.

Five things that suck about office life

The small talk

As an introvert, I don't connect with small talks, like the weather, my commute, or what you did last weekend.

I'd instead feel a deeper connection to people than at the surface level.

People show only a particular part of themselves at work, which is often not enough to get to know someone.

You might bond over shared corporate trauma, like a bitchy boss or someone who always seems to find the reply-all button.

But truthfully, finding office friendships that stand the test of time isn't easy.

After working alone for so long, I admit meeting people and making friends is much harder.

But the intentional process of friendships has helped me make better friends.

I’ll take any day over shared corporate trauma.

Showing face just because.

Trust is a big thing in any relationship.

And in the corporate world, trust is showing face.

In every job I've had, I've been judged on my work and whether I'm around when needed.



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